HSPBA wage increases go into effect

BURNABY—The two-per-cent general wage increase for health care workers under the HSPBA, as agreed to during negotiations for the 2019-2022 HSPBA collective agreement, has come into effect as of this first pay period following April 1, 2019.

As one of the constituent unions under the HSPBA, CUPE was given the opportunity to review the numbers for accuracy. The draft wage rates, sent to the unions by HEABC, have now been reviewed by the CUPE Health Care Presidents Council using both manual and excel calculations. The Council has confirmed their accuracy.

For the time being, the wage rates are being distributed only in Draft form, on a Without Prejudice and Precedent basis: the wage schedules cannot be formally finalized until the Appendix A arbitration issues have been fully resolved, as they may require modification. Any modifications or amendments to the wage schedules will be updated, distributed to the unions, and posted upon finalization.

For more information, please contact CUPE Health Coordinator Chris Losito (closito@cupe.ca) or your local’s HSPBA rep:

CUPE Local 15: Mia Nickel, mia.nickel@vch.ca

CUPE Local 1978: Lindsay Fumalle, https://cupe1978.com/contact/

CUPE Local 4816: Connie Penman: cupe4816@telus.net