CBA Health Authority Mobility Update

Over the last few weeks, health authorities have begun preparations to fulfill their obligations to implement the Health Authority Mobility language in the current Health Services and Support – Community Subsector (CBA) Collective Agreement.

This has meant many of our members have received notice from the health authority they work for that at the end of April or early May (depending on the health authority), all CBA seniority lists will be merged into a single seniority list for the entire health authority.

If you hold only one position within your health authority, there will be no impact on your seniority. If you hold more than one position, you will be prompted to decide what your primary worksite is, and your seniority will be adjusted to reflect a single seniority rather than multiple levels of seniority.

After implementation, members will be able to apply for positions throughout the health authority. Members will be considered internal applicants for any CBA position and will be able to take all of their accumulated benefits and seniority with them.

We are working with the other CBA affiliate unions and HEABC to establish a firm list of effective dates for each health authority.

In the event a member disagrees with their seniority assignment, you will have the ability to challenge that assignment up to and including the grievance procedure.

We will provide further details as they arise.


In solidarity,

Andrew Ledger
Health Sector Coordinator