Public Solutions

Public solutions cost less, cover everyone, and deliver more

Our health care system isn’t perfect, and we all know that improvements are needed. However, these improvements can and must be made within our public and universal health care system.

Some big private interest groups are trying to convince our political decision-makers that privatization will improve access to health care. We know all too well that this is not true. When it comes to health care, privatization always costs more, lowers the quality of services and favours the wealthy over everyone else. It makes no sense at all.

This underscores the importance of public sector solutions. CUPE wants to be part of the solution, proposing real improvements to the system for the benefit of the public and our members. This involves access to prescription drugs, quality long-term care services, protecting our blood and plasma reserves, fighting against contracting out and P3s and many other issues.

We know that public solutions work best.

Check out the fact sheets prepared by CUPE National available in web version and in PDF:

  1. Making prescription drugs affordable for everyone
  2. Ensuring seniors in long-term care live with dignity and respect
  3. Delivering better quality of care and services in our hospitals
  4. Fighting the privatization of medical services
  5. Ensuring equality of care for all Canadians
  6. Keeping our blood and plasma supply safe