Workload Solutions

Workload Survey Results Report

Based on the results of our survey, we know that workload is a problem for our members in this sector. In recognition of this fact, we have provided the following information to assist. The links below provide excerpts from your collective agreement of the sections relevant to workload. Please follow the steps as outlined in the document for your Collective Agreement, and, if the issue remains unresolved, contact your Local representative (see the contact information below) to pursue a workload grievance.

Workload for members of the CBA

Workload for members of the HSPBA

Health and Safety implications of Workload

CUPE National has produced a fact sheet about the health and safety implications of overwork: the symptoms, the causes, identifying the problem, and taking action to deal with it.

For CBA and QMUNITY members, your Collective Agreement requires the involvement of your workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee.  This committee is required to exist, by law, for most workplaces and is to be structured to protect the health and safety of employees.  Workload may become so excessive that it warrants the investigation and corrective action of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.  Please see the Health and Safety Committee Resource Kit for more information on your health and safety rights and Joint Health and Safety Committees.

Steps to Address Excessive and/or Unsafe Workload

Your CUPE Health Care Presidents Council and CUPE National have prepared the following postcards for our members to use as a reference guide when faced with excessive and/or unsafe workload while on the job.  Each postcard is specific to your CUPE Local and Collective Agreement.  The postcards have been printed and distributed to your Local, so if you have not received a postcard and would like one, please see the contact information below under Report your Workload and contact the representative from your Local.

CUPE 15 CBA members

CUPE 15 HSPBA members

CUPE 1978 HSPBA members

CUPE 3403-01 CBA members

CUPE 4816 CBA members

CUPE 4816 HSPBA members

You also have the right to refuse unsafe work, which is defined by law as work that would create an imminent danger to yourself or others. Any refusal on this basis is subject to an investigation process conducted by your supervisor or employer, and your union health and safety rep, ultimately adjudicated by WorkSafeBC. More information can be found at

Report your Workload

Let us know what kind of workload you are experiencing, and how often.

If you are a member of the CBA, fill out this workload tracking form and send it to your appropriate local union contact as listed:

CUPE 15: Allison Bell,

CUPE 3403-01: Shaunah Cairney,

CUPE 4816: Jill Stromnes,

If you are a member of the HSPBA, fill out this workload tracking form and send it to your appropriate local union contact as listed:

CUPE 15: Mia Nickel,

CUPE 1978: Lindsay Fumalle,

CUPE 4816: Jill Stromnes,

This document provides our members with an explanation of what a grievance is and what to expect from the grievance process.