CBA UPDATE: The Community Bargaining Association stands in solidarity with teachers


The Community Bargaining Association (CBA) met again this week in Vancouver. The union bargaining association exchanged and discussed proposals for three days with HEABC. 

The unions have been at the table for four weeks and are taking a two-week break to review the proposals and prepare for two weeks of bargaining at the end of March.

The CBA tabled proposals on workplace conditions, job security, training, as well as bereavement and special leaves. 

The union and the employer have agreed to some housekeeping items.

The CBA spent some time discussing the government’s planned intervention into the teachers’ dispute and the teachers’ job action.  All the Unions expressed solidarity and support for the BCTF.

Community health will resume bargaining for 2 weeks commencing March 19 in Vancouver. Additional dates are set for the last two weeks in April.

The Community Bargaining Association represents over 14,000 members, the majority of whom are represented by the BCGEU. Other Unions at the table are UFCW, HEU, CUPE, HSA, and USWA. CUPE represents 500 members in this association.