CBA UPDATE: Negotiations continue at both tables where CUPE members are represented


May 22, 2012

Negotiations continue at the Health Science Professionals and Community Health bargaining tables, but there is limited progress to report.

Both bargaining tables in the health sector report slow negotiations. Bargaining at the Health Sciences Professionals table continues this week and the Community Health table resumes talks next week.

CUPE has ensured that all essential service levels are in place in the event that negotiations do not continue to progress, and the bargaining associations consider other options, including strike votes, to support the work of the bargaining committees.

News this week of a strike vote by BCGEU members has heightened awareness about negotiations. The strike mandate returned by BCGEU members is in the union’s master contract governing wages and working conditions in the direct government service contract, which includes ministry staff and liquor distribution board workers. No CUPE members are covered by this contract.

We will continue to update you as bargaining continues.

CUPE represents approximately 500 members in the CBA which has over 14,000 members, the majority of whom are represented by the BCGEU.  Other Unions at the table are UFCW, HEU, HSA, and USWA.