Comparability Increases – Call for Submissions

July 11, 2014

During bargaining, the parties agreed to provide “comparability increases” to 80 per cent of the bargaining unit.  If the benchmark your position is matched to has a comparator in the Health Services and Support Facilities Subsector collective agreement, and if 1.) the difference in wage rates is adversely affecting the provision of service to clients; 2.) there is a reasonable expectation that the comparability wage adjustment will reduce this adverse impact; and 3.) the comparability wage adjustment will not create additional demands in other sectors, you may be entitled to the comparability increases.

The Community Health Worker 2 benchmark covers approximately 51 per cent of the bargaining unit and meets the three factors above. Therefore, it has been agreed that these workers will receive the comparability increases.

All other Community Subsector benchmarks will be included in the review, and we would like to ensure that our members whose positions are attached to those other benchmarks have the opportunity to have input into the process through written submissions to the committee. Please ensure that your submission includes information on the factors identified above and which Community benchmark your position is attached to, as well as the Facilities benchmark you think is the correct comparator. The Community Subsector benchmarks can be found at  at the bottom of the page. The Facilities Subsector benchmarks can be found at .

Please note that if you believe that your job has been improperly matched to a Community Subsector benchmark, this process will not address that issue.  It is the occupations (benchmarks) that will be compared, not the individual positions.  To file a classification review you must determine which Community Subsector benchmark you feel is more appropriate for your job and base your appeal on the duties you are required to perform as compared to itThe classification review form and benchmarks are posted on the BCGEU website .  A Classification Review form can be filled out online and printed, and the benchmarks are available in pdf format.

Submissions to the Occupation Comparability Review Committee should be sent to BCGEU Representative Laura O’Neill (via e-mail at Laura.O’ or via facsimile at 1-604-294-5092), with a copy to Troy Clifford, CUPE National Representative & Health Coordinator (via e-mail at or via fax at 1-604-291-1194).

Members who have any questions about comparability are asked to contact one of the following:

Pat Taylor – Chief Shop Steward CUPE Local 15 / VCH

Jill Stromnes – CUPE Local 4816 / FHA

Terry Howard – CUPE Local 3495 / Positive Living BC

Cherilyn Bray – CUPE Local 3403 / VIHA

To be considered by the committee, all submissions must be received by September 15, 2014.