Changes to improve access to EDMP assistance

On January 22, two significant changes are being made with regard to how CUPE administers the Enhanced Disability Management Program for its members.

For the first time since the launch of the program in 2014, CUPE’s EDMP Advocate will be assisting CUPE members in the Community Bargaining Association with the EDMP process. As well, CUPE will be increasing the availability of its EDMP Advocate to a Monday-Friday basis. This will immediately result in increased access to EDMP assistance for our members and for employer-requested EDMP meetings.


“We are extremely excited about these changes and trust that our members enrolled in EDMP will benefit from them,” said CUPE Health Coordinator Chris Losito.


“The CUPE Health Care Presidents’ Council deserves credit for making these changes possible. We also thank the BCGEU for assisting our Community Bargaining Association members enrolled in EDMP.”