UPDATED: Sector-specific guidelines and general health & safety practices during pandemic

Answers also available regarding employer obligations for return to work during COVID-19 

BURNABY—CUPE’s National Health and Safety branch has developed a series of sector-specific guidelines to assist members during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines are part of an overall “kit,” which includes:

  • COVID-19: Health and safety practices while working during a pandemic
  • COVID-19: General Occupational Guidelines
  • COVID-19: Fact Sheet
  • COVID-19: The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
  • COVID-19: Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • COVID-19: Personal Protective Equipment (Fact Sheet)
  • COVID-19: Use of Masks and Respirators (Fact Sheet)
  • COVID-19: Masks and Face Coverings

The health sector guidelines document contains embedded links to the documents listed above.

CUPE has also released a Frequently Asked Questions document about issues related to the Employer’s obligations for return to work during the pandemic.